Chill Pill  


It’s all about where you put the heat.

Cynthia Isakson shot the original black and white picture in 1998. 21 years later, the photographer added the light, the color, and the hope that comes from such a rich life. There was something about her presence that was magical. 


1998 Buenos Aires, Argentina

2019 Houston, Texas

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Experimenting with old black and white photos of mine, from different moments in my photographic journey, the energy of the photographs began to stand out. The colors that resulted from these new perspectives resulted in a shift in the emotions, the feelings, that I attach to their memories. I shift my focus from place to place within the moment, and the shots become a heating map, where my mind takes me to where I put the heat.


Tras experimentar con viejas fotos mías en blanco y negro obtenidas a lo largo de mi extensa carrera profesional, la energía procedente de aquellas comenzó a hacerse notar. Los colores que resultaban de esta nueva perspectiva modificaron mis emociones, mis sentimientos pegados a sus recuerdos. Mi foco cambia de lado a lado y a cada momento, y las tomas se transforman en un mapa de calor en el que la mente me lleva dondequiera que el calor esté.