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And suddenly I found myself in need to say something. I've always worried about having something to say. And yet, my art, my creativity depends on that. I feel I need to exhibit the many reactions and emotions that stand out in the midst of the pandemic. Desolation, fight, exhaustion, sadness, hope, fear, and anger can only be noted in a fragment of the face: in the eyes. The rest is denied, hidden, at least at times. 

With limited contact, my obsession with not being guilty of passing the disease to anyone, and of course, my fear of catching the virus myself, I took my studio to the street, at my front door to be more specific, with a black background in front of the door and a stool for the model to sit on. 

Just that: a black background, a stool, something to say, and someone who wants to say it with me. 

This is a series of quarantine portraits. I feel the need to share it with the world.

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